Agent Nateur Holi (Rose) Shiva Rose N4 Natural Organic Deodorant for Women

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About Agent Nateur Holi (Rose) Shiva Rose N4 Natural

Often found in deodorant sticks, aluminum is a toxic, heavy metal that mimics estrogen. It is an endocrine disruptor affecting human hormones and is linked to serious diseases.Health conscious people are choosing natural aluminum free deodorants, but many don't work.Agent Nateur & Shiva Rose have created a deodorant without aluminum that keeps you dry and smelling lovely even into the night.This precious blend of sacred sandalwood and heart opening rose has an intoxicating aroma.Sandalwood is a pheromone that acts as a natural deodorant.The number 4 derives its meaning from creation, and is about trust, honesty and integrity. It vibrates with passion, drive and mastery.This luscious non-aluminum deodorant is 100% safe, with only skin-friendly, food-grade ingredients (eat it if you wish).Our Holi (Rose) Shiva Rose N4 Natural Deodorant is a potent all-natural deodorant.Agent Nateur has several pure deodorants in the collection, as well as other non-toxic, green skincare beauty products.