All 4 Adventure Unleashed TV Season 1

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About All 4 Adventure Unleashed TV Season 1

Go on an adventure in Australia’s most remote and wildest frontiers with Jase and Simon, hosts of All 4 Adventure. The All 4 Adventure Unleashed TV series takes the adventure to a new and extreme level and is add free. The entire season is here on DVD. Jase and Simon push themselves to their breaking points as they travel by 4-wheel drive and modern machine on adrenaline-filled rides to some of the most hard-to-reach corners of Australia. Both experienced Australian outdoorsmen, Jase drove across the Australian bush 6 times before his mid-20s and Simon’s “try-anything-once” attitude took him across several times by motorbike. Learn how the adventurers’ rugged expeditions all over the continent gave them the knowledge and skills needed to live off the land. Watch your hosts trek to pristine parts of Australia using specially developed expedition vehicles that allow them to visit places few people have ever been.