Blue Light Blocking Glasses,with Anti-Glare,Cut UV400 Transparent Lens,Computer Reading Glasses,Anti Eyestrain/Anti Scratch/Anti Smudgy,Sleep Better Work Better for Women/Men (Navy Blue|Power: +2.00)

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About Blue Light Blocking Glasses,with Anti-Glare,Cut

Stare at the computer or smartphone all day? Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to emitted light source - especially High Energy Blue Light - may cause: - Painful or dry eyes - Fatigue and stress (hard to focus for long periods of time) - Insomnia (Hard to fall asleep or poor sleep quality) - Poor productivity and performance - Macular degeneration and other vision conditions Protect your eyes from harmful High Energy Blue Light with WealthyShades Blue light blocking computer glasses! Here are 5 Reasons You're Going to LOVE Your Blue light filtering glasses: 1. It blocks 50% of high energy blue light 2. Lets through 60% of low energy blue light (For minimal color distortion) 3. Classic unisex design (So you can protect your eyes while looking stylish) 4. Comfortable sturdy frame (Spring-loaded temples ensures maximum comfort) 5. Backed by 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and a 1 YEAR WARRANTY! (Order yours now because you literally RISK NOTHING!) Order your own Blue Light Filtering glasses today and start protection your eyes today. Once you've experience how comfortable your eyes are after a long gaming session or a day of hard work, we're confident you'll have LOADS MORE than 5 reasons to love it! All you need to do is click the button at the top of this page to have your very own Blue Light Shield rushed straight to your door. Your eyes will thank you for it!