Deluxe Massage Table Warmer Pad –Bed Warmer Pad Digital Timer and Digital Heat Setting-Synthetic Wool Fleece

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About Deluxe Massage Table Warmer Pad –Bed Warmer Pad

Your clients will stay cozy and warm on this professional, luxurious fleeced warming pad in the coldest of environments. 5 level heat settings with 8 hours time limit. The purpose of this warmer is to supply a low level warmth. This is better for the foam and for the upholstery if you use it on a massage table, while sufficiently warming the client. The warmth is stimulated by the weight of the client's body. The internal wires are engaged by the weight/pressure. The heat from the warmer escapes if there is not weight on the warmer pad. So even if you leave the warmer on for hours, the heat will continually escape and the warmer will not feel hot enough since there is no weight on the warmer. Once a person lays on the warmer, the heat is trapped and your client will feel warmth. Specification: Size: 30 x 71 inches Power cord length: 6 ft 110-120v, 50-60Hz, 60W Notes: 1) Read owner's manual before operating. 2) Table Warmer must be unfolded completely while in use. Do not allow it to become bunched or folded over as this could cause excess heat, resulting in injury or fire. 3) Do not pierce with sharp object. 4) Never use if wet. Do not allow the control unit or power cord to come into contact with liquids. 5) Unplug when not in use or unattended. 6) This product is not only a table warmer, it also can be used as a bed heating pad. 7) Do not machine wash, dry or iron. It can be hand wiped with wet towel and small amount of detergent, and it can be switched on only after making sure that it is completely dried. 8) Never leave disabled person, infants or small children unattended while in use. 1 Year Warranty: the massage heating pad is covered by 1 year warranty, UL and ETL certificates