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IndianstoreAll Natural Blowing Conch Shell 4.5 to 5 inches approx With Stand

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Galleon Product ID 29603963
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  • Shankh or conch has a special relevance for every Hindu and most of them either keep it in their houses or use it during pooja or special offerings. Shankh is said to possess several spiritual and mysterious powers.
  • However, if it is blown in a correct and proper manner, it has tremendous positive bearings on our physical and mental health. The appropriate process of blowing of Shankh is given below:-
  • Sit comfortably in Siddhasan or Padmasan or Sukhasan, with straight spinal cord and neck. Your tail bone i.e. lower part of lumber or cocci should not touch the surface on which you sit. Inhale as much air as you can and retain it for a while and then exhale. Do it for two to three times.
  • After that, put mouth of Shankh between the lips, slightly on the right side, and slowly and with no effort or with little effort, blow the air inside the opening of the Shankh. Do it, as many times as you like to do or feel pleasure in doing so.
  • In first attempt, the Shankh may not blow but be sure, that success is to come after few repeated efforts. What you need only persistent and consistent efforts in this regard.


In the above process of Shankh blowing, as per my observations, our body is benefited in the following ways:- * Rectal muscles are contracted and move upward as long as shankh is blown. This is an excellent exercise of rectal muscles and prevent various problems which appears due to gradual weakening of these muscles. *With the pressure on prostrate area, it turns to be only exercise to improve prostrate health and prevent its enlargement. *Excellent exercise for urinary bladder and urinary tract. *The only exercise for diaphragm muscles. *Toning up of chest muscles. *Lungs are expanded and their aerial capacity is improved. Air retention is also improved. *Complete and perfect stretching of neck muscles which is otherwise impossible. * No exercise for vocal cord and thyroid other than blowing of Shankh. *It is good massage for ear, eyes, nose. *Short muscles of face are stretched and no exercise exists which can substitute it. *When blood of entire body is forced to come in head region, and obviously blood carries nutrients with it, it helps to improve the health of the head and face skin. *More blood and consequently nutrients in head skin ultimately results in to better growth, development and health of hairs. In fact, it is my experience that by blowing Shankh, hair fall is completely prevented, whitening of hair is stopped and white hair start turning black.