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Flexible Claw Magnetic Pickup Tool Grabber Tool 3-in-1 with Bright Led Light,Total length 24.5 inches

Product ID : 34500929

Galleon Product ID 34500929
UPC / ISBN 799123311833
Shipping Weight 0.7 lbs
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Manufacturer Junrbx
Shipping Dimension 12.2 x 3.82 x 0.39 inches
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Brand Junrbx
UPC 799123311833

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  • This Claw Magnetic Pickup Tool is flexible to reach tight places, has a LED light, 4 claws and a magnetic tip.
  • Must-have tool for mechanics, great for grabbing under furniture, in crevices & down drains
  • Wound-steel cable flexes to bend around corners and obstacles
  • Product size: 62 cm in length, please see the picture for the detailed dimensions of the four claws.This product: suitable for kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, car repair, family essential - convenient tools, can help you grab the allowed range of garbage or lost items, such as: from hard to reach places (such as corners or difficult Moving furniture), stoves, car jams, appliances, furniture or any other hard-to-reach place.
  • Spring picker, this spring four-prong pick-up tool is straight, it can be bent at will, but it will not maintain the curved shape, just like the spring can automatically return to the original look. If you need to bend to maintain the shape, you can choose another two upgraded directional spring pickers in my shop, they can bend freely and keep the shape.


Product Name:Four-claw Magnetic Pickup Product features:Meet all your needs, strong grip, will not fall. It is flexible and easy to bend freely, full of elasticity, with a magnetic head, and an LED head at the head, which is convenient for working in a dark place. The pickup is small and long enough to pick up items in a narrow place. Such as sewers, crevices, under tables, car crevices, etc. can be picked up. Product introduction:Easy to use, as long as the handle grabs the place to go, four claws will come out to grab the items, release the automatic retraction. When you need to grab an item with iron, you only need to put the picker in front of the item, and you will draw it on your own. The magnetism is strong, and it won't fall in the weight-allowed range. There is a LED light on the head to pick up items in a dark place. Uses: This product is widely used, home, factory, auto repair, mechanics, engineering, etc. can be used. Solving your troubles and helplessness is a good helper in your life. How to use: Press the plunger at the handle (clamp, open wide/release plunger, jaw clamp). If you have any questions about our goods or services, please contact us first. We will do our best to solve the problem and provide you with the best service.