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The Dragon's Doorstep Baby (Dragons of Cinderhollow Book 3)

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Author Hawke Oakley
Format Kindle EBook
Number Of Pages 218
Publication Date 2018-09-18
Release Date 2018-09-18
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No alpha wants Scar.Wolf omega Scar abandoned his old name along with the traumas of his past fifteen years ago. The pain rendered him bitter and tough - to protect the gentle soul he keeps secret from the world. Now the owner of the Drunken Dragon bar in Cinderhollow tribe, his life is safe but unfulfilling. Scar desperately wants a child of his own. But with every stare on the street and cruel words spoken under breath, Scar knows his disfigured body isn't what anyone wants to see - especially not an alpha seeking a mate. Scar is running out of time. He's not the young omega he used to be, and if an alpha can't see him for who he is inside soon, he might not ever have a family - or a reason to live again.No omega wants Ryu.It's hard being an alpha dragon who can't even get a date, especially when all of Ryu's friends have mates and children already. Business at Ryu's magic school is slow, but the loneliness is even worse. All Ryu wants is an omega - and maybe a baby - to hold dear. Ryu knows there must be someone out there who can love him, and his serpentine Eastern dragon form, for what he is.But when Ryu finally begins dating a young omega he met at a bar, he doesn't feel as happy as he should. Instead, he can't stop thinking about the bar's mysterious owner, an omega named Scar. But Scar is cold and bitter, and he only pushes Ryu away. So why does that make Ryu want him even more?No one wants baby Angel.Scar's life turns upside down when an abandoned baby turns up on The Drunken Dragon’s doorstep one night. Confused and afraid, Scar seeks the help of the kindest alpha he knows - Ryu. Baby Angel is helpless, and the two wildly different men must cooperate to save her. But will an unexpected baby pull them together, or push them apart - forever?The Dragon’s Doorstep Baby is a full-length novel with steamy scenes and a HEA. It is the third book in