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Large 2 oz. Liquid Bearings 100%-synthetic oil with extra long 3" needle. for electronic or manual typewriters, restores sticky or frozen keys, makes all typewriters faster and easier to type, PLEASE READ!!

Product ID : 4014915
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Galleon Product ID 4014915
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  • Perfect for all modern and vintage typewriter lubrication!
  • Immediately begins to displace old petro-oils or sprays.
  • Makes all typewriters operate quieter and smoother!
  • Essentially odor-free, a pleasure to use!
  • Comes with 1/2", 1-1/2", AND 3" needle tips with scabbards!


This is the synthetic lubricant that consistently outperforms all others currently available. It has incredible low and high-temperature characteristics, which is absolutely necessary for proper typewriter lubrication but completely lacking in petroleum-based oils. Don't use them on your typewriters any longer! Actual oils and lubricant sprays leave sticky deposits when they evaporate over time. Real oil is made up of a mixture of long and short chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms, and under certain conditions the short-chain molecules evaporate, and the unstable molecules oxidize and break down. This leaves a sticky residue which can actually "gum up" the device it was intending to lubricate. Conventional oils also contain impurities such as sulfur, waxes, and unstable hydrocarbons which are left behind as residue deposits. In contrast, synthetic oils are made using a process that re-arranges the structure so all the molecules are uniform in size, shape, and weight, an ideal phenomenon which does not occur in nature. Synthetics are custom-designed to produce the ultimate lubricant, with inherent performance characteristics vastly superior to any petro-oil. Liquid Bearings is also essentially odorless, so your hands and clothes won't smell like oil after using it. It is perfectly safe to begin using Liquid Bearings on all your typewriters immediately, even if you have been lubricating them with conventional oils for years or decades. It is fully compatible with all vintage and current oils, and will eventually flush away the residue of the evaporated real oil over time. You will easily notice that your typewriters operate more easily and quieter with Liquid Bearings, especially if you have been using petroleum-based oil on them for years. It is completely plastic-safe, and will not harm painted surfaces. The bottle is top-quality LDPE, and the stainless needle allows the application drop-by-drop.