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Empath: The Complete Healing Guide for Highly Sensitive People. Learn How to Stop Absorbing Negative Energies, Use Your Gift of Intuition and Overcome Fears with Emotional Intelligence

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Do you ever feel the emotions of other people overwhelming you? Do some people leave you feeling tired and drained? Then keep reading - you might be an empath. Empathy is a vital skill which helps us connect with other people - but what do you do if you can do this more than the average person? For those not aware of it, social interactions can become draining and stressful. But now, you can arm yourself with the knowledge you need to navigate the world as an empath, and learn to manage this incredible gift. Inside this book, you'll discover everything you need to know about being an empath, and how to develop a healthy relationship with this skill. So many people aren't in-touch with their empath abilities, and this leads to constant anxiety and undue stress. Uncover what it means to be an empath, including how to protect yourself from those who leave you feeling drained and stressed. Inside this guide, you'll find: Who is an empath, and how do you know if you're one? Empaths and social anxiety. How to protect yourself from "energy vampires". Tips for supporting young empaths. How you can take advantage of this skill. Practical exercises for empaths. Essential oil recipes for anxiety. And so much more... With a wealth of practical tips and proven advice, Empath: The Complete Healing Guide is your ticket to understanding the world of empaths and how you can use this little-known skill to improve your life and relationships, and survive in a world which is filled with overwhelming emotion.  Buy now to begin your empath journey today!