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Intranasal Midazolam for the Treatment of Status and Non-Status Epilepticus and Seizures in the ER and Prehospital Environment: A Systematic Literature Review

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The use of intranasal Midazolam should be encouraged in the emergency treatment of seizures and the intranasal route should also be used as the first line and preferred route of Midazolam administration for patients in status and non-status epilepticus and seizures, even potentially for patients with IV access. Its ease of use, safety, effectiveness, efficiency has broad empirical and clinical support and is generally recognized around the country and world by medical providers. Promoting the use of intranasal Midazolam as the first line route and medication for the treatment of these critical patients has the ability to save time; and when time equals brain the rapid and successful treatment of seizures is just as critical as the time sensitive treatment of cardiac, stroke, and trauma patients.