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Seeds Pepper Ornamental Mini Decorative Mix Indoor Pot Ukraine

Product ID : 42494397

Galleon Product ID 42494397
Shipping Weight 0.02 lbs
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Manufacturer Fertile Ukraine Seeds
Shipping Dimension 5.91 x 3.11 x 0.2 inches
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  • Package includes: 0.16oz (about 100 seeds)
  • INSTRUCTION IN ENGLISH how to grow these seeds are INCLUDED
  • Season of Interest: Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: 1 (< -50 °F), 2 (-50 to -40 °F), 4 (-30 to -20 °F), 5 (-20 to -10 °F), 6 (-10 to 0 °F), 7 (0 to 10 °F), 8 (10 to 20 °F), 9 (20 to 30 °F), 10 (30 to 40 °F)
  • Species: Capsicum annuum; Germanation: 90-95%


Peppers are a breeze to grow. Basically, you plant them and watch them take off! But, for maximum production, a little pampering helps. Plant peppers in a bed that receives full sun. Provide a sandy loam soil that drains well and contains plenty of organic matter. Instruction how to grow Peppers:Set pepper plant seedlings out after the last spring frost. They grow well in raised beds, containers, and in-ground gardens.Plant them 18 to 24 inches apart in a sunny, well-drained spot. Pepper plants need at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day.Mix compost or other organic matter into the soil when planting.Water immediately after planting, then regularly throughout the season. Aim for a total of 1-2 inches per week (more when it's hotter).Feed plants regularly with either a continuous-release fertilizer or liquid plant food.Spread mulch (such as chopped leaves or straw) around the plants to help keep the soil cool and moist.Support each pepper plant with a stake or small tomato cage, to help bear the weight of the fruit once it begins to produce.Harvest peppers with shears or a knife, then store in the fridge. Be sure to pick all peppers before the first fall frost comes.Package includes: 0.16ozInstruction in English how to grow these seeds includesHappy harvest!