Doggy Dear Retractable Hands Free Dual Bungee Dog Leash for Running, Walking, Hiking, Reflective Stitching

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About Doggy Dear Retractable Hands Free Dual Bungee Dog

Introducing the Doggy Dear bungee leash, our new, tough lightweight belt, designed to let you walk your dog with your hands-free. Our belt fits comfortably around your waist and it's adjustable enough to fit multiple figure types. Using superior material to ensure strength and durability we have designed the bungee belt to be supple enough for your dog to run, jug or trak wherever you need to go. The bungee itself is elasticized with enough give and take so that you can lead, or be led by your dog. It is water resistant and sturdy, but leaving enough opportunity for your pet to be active, and playful. Our bungee is easily extended using the 16 inch spiral mechanism at the end which lets it extend itself to at least 56". Uses 1. Walking, jogging, hiking or just plain old playing with your dog. 2. Great tool to temporarily fasten your dog where you can keep an eye on him from a distance, yet has room to move around as well. 3. Good for dogs up to a 100 lbs all this comes with a poop bag dispenser and treats pouch, to take along your pets favorited treats and keep them happy on that morning run.