Dr. Prescott's Lanosterol Eye Drops || Lanosterol Eye Drops For Pets || The Highly-Effective Solution That Supports Cataract Removal

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About Dr. Prescott's Lanosterol Eye Drops || Lanosterol

Formulated specifically for pets, the active ingredient in Dr. Prescott'sTM Lanosterol eye drops is a naturally occurring biological compound found in mammals. Lanosterol is a building block of cholesterol and other lipid compounds, but has recently been shown to break up the protein aggregates responsible for clouding the eye lenses in some pets, aka cataracts. Why Dr. Prescott'sTM Lanosterol? Our proprietary formula is a water-based emulsion of 2.5 mg/ml of the active ingredient Lanosterol. Our formula involves a specialized delivery system RetinoPassTM which was specifically developed by our researchers to ensure maximum penetration of the cornea. Reviews from real customers have favored our formulation greatly over competitor products. While still preservative-free, our new saline based formula has added advantages of increased biosimilarity to tear drops, extended shelf life, and reduced likelihood of precipitation. It is ultrasonically mixed to maximize effectiveness, and is still produced, bottled and labeled using aseptic processing techniques here in the U.S.A. Recommended Use: Apply 1-2 drops 2-3 times a day to the affected eye(s) every day. Results may be achieved in 6 weeks, but longer treatment periods will produce the best results. One bottle of 10ml solution lasts approx. 6 weeks if used as recommended. Warnings: Keep Lanosterol solution refrigerated (not frozen) between uses. *See "Lanosterol Reverses Protein Aggregation in Cataracts", Zhao et. al., Nature, vol. 523, July 2015 BUY NOW as the price of Dr. Prescott's Lanosterol Solution is reduced for a limited time!