Edith L. Randall's Your Place In The Cards

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About Edith L. Randall's Your Place In The Cards

Each birthdate in the year has a corresponding card that is its governor and conditioner. One of these cards is YOURS! Developed over 200 years ago by monastery monks, this illuminating and compelling astrological system has been astounding audiences for decades with its unrivaled accuracy and depth of insight. Offering comprehensive descriptions of character traits, Karmic properties and relationship guides, Your Place in the Cards is sure to help you identify your place in realms of heaven and earth. The system's foundation lies in the construction of the deck of cards, which, by no small accident, conforms to the mathematical structure of the universe. There are 52 cards in the deck and 52 weeks in the year. There are 4 suits and 4 seasons; 12 face cards, 12 signs of the zodiac, and 12 months in the year. The number 7 is the middle number of each suit. There are 7 days in a week, and 7 x 52 = 364 days in a year. If you count the number of 'spots', or symbols, on each card in the deck, the total comes to 364. Weaving threads of astrology and numerology into a rich, prophetic tapestry, the system presented in this book will guide you along the path to realizing your 'life plan'. Neatly and clearly explained with detailed charts and easy-to-read language, Your Place in the Cards is a truly illuminating read for anyone with an interest in astrology, numerology, or the occult. Read on and discover your place in the cards!