Grayson's Knife

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About Grayson's Knife

In 1973, a time of turmoil all over the world, Michael Grayson is a 22-year-oldcollege dropout driving a truck in Boston. He's trying to quit drinking while faced with a dying mother, a brother killed in Vietnam, a pregnant girlfriend, and another brother deeply in debt to a sadistic loan shark. Then, things get worse. Through his brother, he gets tangled up with a gorgeous student radical, some of her ex-con biker friends and a plan to rob drug dealers. Then things get worse, yet again. His mother is sinking fast, the cops are looking for the robbers and the bikers are very upset with the Grayson boys behavior during the robbery, and now the loan shark kidnaps Michael's brother and Michael's pregnant girlfriend demands that he stay out of her life for good. Then believe it or not, things do indeed get worse, mostly because someone is hiding the true motive behind the whole thing. The novel is deeply serious and darkly funny.