Lab Portable Mini tur~Bine Unit 3 Way Str~aw Work Com~pressor with 3 Way Syr~Inge Kit 2 Holes/ 4 Holes (4H)

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About Lab Portable Mini Tur~Bine Unit 3 Way Str~aw Work

♥Main indicators♥ Control method: pneu~matic control Mobile phone interface: international common interface Air pre~ssure input: 4-8kg Air pre~ssure output: 0-4kg Water pre~ssure input: 2kg Water pre~ssure output: 0-2kg Volume: 25*28*16cm ♥Instructions♥ 1. Connect the g~as source to the quick head, and connect the water source to the filter; 2. Connect different external accessories according to different usage; 3. Open the water and g~as switch; 4. step on the foot switch, adjust the water and g~as adjustment knob on the panel to the use requirements; 5. Turn off the water source and a-i-r source after work to prevent the water pre~ssure from bursting due to excessive pre~ssure; 6. The rear regulating valve has been adjusted according to the 4kg system. The user does not need to adjust the valve. If more than 3kg device is used, adjust it as needed. ♥Product configuration♥ 1x tur~bine 1x 3 way Syr~inge Kit 2x 4 hole tu~be 1x 600ml water bottle 1x round foot control switch