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About LED Aircraft Navigation/Position Light Bulb Set

High-Performance, Guaranteed drop-in replacement LED position light bulb set for all 24/28 VDC aircraft with standard incandescent wingtip and tail fixtures. Set includes all three (3) bulbs; RED/GREEN/WHITE This new design completely eliminates any chance of adverse RFI emission and is 30% brighter than our previous models. This design is truly high performance and optimized in all regards to meet and exceed chromaticity and intensity requirements at all angles as prescribed in the regs. Each bulb draws a mere 140-milliamps at 28VDC compared to 1.0 amp of the incandescent it replaces; That's an 85% reduction in current!! Bulbs are intended to be used with original red/green tinted lens covers; It has virtually no affect to light color and intensity. However you may elect to swap for clear lenses (not included) for a modern look. -------------------28-VOLT SET INCLUDES: 1PC AL-7524NM-G:   GREEN; BAY15S BASE  (REPLACES 1524, A7512-24, W1290-28, 7079B-24) 1PC AL-7524NM-R:   RED; BAY15S BASE       (REPLACES 1524, A7512-24, W1290-28, 7079B-24) 1PC AL-307NM-W:  WHITE;  BA15S BASE       (REPLACES 307, 309 , 311, 1203, 1665, 1680, 1691,  MS35478-307. *Not FAA/PMA Approved.