Mudder Live Sale Number Tags 100 Pieces Plastic Coat Check Numbers with Normal and Backward Numbers 100 Consecutive Numbers (001-100)

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About Mudder Live Sale Number Tags 100 Pieces Plastic

Mudder live sale number tags 100 pieces plastic coat check numbers with normal and backward numbers 100 consecutive numbers (001-100) Unique pattern design and large black numbers: There black numbers are printed into the tags and it can prevent the numbers from fading; Clear numbers are big enough for people to see from far away. Colorful vibrant pattern design that make the black numbers stand out. Reverse numbers on the back: Consecutive numbers from 001 - 100; One side is normal and other side is backward mirrored image numbers; Reverse numbers enable viewers to see the numbers correctly when watching your live sale. Easy to wipe off: There number tags are made of durable plastic, which can protect them from scratches during everyday use; Waterproof and reusable, easy to wipe off. Wide application: Good for online live sales, clothing stores and home businesses; They also can be the luggage tags or book tags, etc. Warm note:  As long as the side you are seeing looks correct and not backwards, then viewers watching your video are also seeing it correctly and not backwards.  Specifications Material: durable plastic  Dimension: 2.5 x 1.5 inch (L x W) Diameter of hole: 0.4 inch Thickness: 0.05 cm Package includes:  100 x Number tags