Putty Buddies Original Swimming Earplugs, 3-Pair Pack (Red/Blue/Yellow)

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About Putty Buddies Original Swimming Earplugs, 3-Pair

Putty Buddies are soft moldable silicone earplugs perfect for swimming and bathing. They are very easy to use and mold to the ear. These are our ORIGINAL Putty Buddies ear plugs, not the floating formula which can be found in our other listing. Putty Buddies feature a super soft silicone which are much more soft and comfortable than other earplugs. They are also extra tacky which keep earplugs in place for maximum effectiveness. Invented by an Ear, Nose, Throat Physician and recommended by doctors worldwide. HELPS PREVENT SWIMMER'S EAR. Large enough for adults. GUARANTEED EAR PROTECTION. Block water from the ear canal! Great for swimming, bathing, surfing, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. Perfect for traveling to the pool, lake or beach. For maximum protection earplugs should be worn with the Ear Band-It or Ear Band-It Ultra swimming headband. HOW TO USE PUTTY BUDDIES silicone earplugs: DO NOT INSERT INTO EAR CANAL. Do not tear plugs at any time. Use the entire ear plug for each ear. If plug appears to separate or crack, please do not use or attempt to remold together. Discard and use a new pair. Shape into a ball and place over clean, dry ear canal. Flatten plug with finger and shape to cover outer ear until snugly fit. DO NOT FORCE INTO EAR CANAL. Remove plugs by pressing up on back of the ear. Discard after 2 weeks of use or when dirty. Apply, use, and remove with adult supervision.