Ref-1139 Supertite Multi-Grab 360 (Versatile-Low Odor-Permanent)- 60ml(2oz) Tube

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About Ref-1139 Supertite Multi-Grab 360

1139:MULTI-GRAB 360 60ml (Super Versatile & Durable)- Low Odor & Permanent Supertite new do-it-all Industrial Contact Cement, Mulit-Grab 360°, gives you unlimited adhesive bonding solutions for home repair, crafting and creating 24 hours a day! Unbelievably Strong, flexible, permanent, and waterproof. Passes the E.U. Chemical safety regulations (REACH) for consumer use! Cancer Warning free labels. Other Solvent-based glues in USA cannot claim that!!! Replaces E-6000 product and is perfect for shoe repairs and embellishment projects. Apply a small amount of glue to both or one surface- wait 2 minutes and then bond together- this will give the strongest and fastest curing possible. Always apply the smallest amount of glue so that excess glue does not go beyond the bond line. Zero Prop65 warnings, Zero CANCER warnings, Zero Birth Defect Warnings! Supertite is Super Tough and Super Safe! BONDS: Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Plastics (flexible and Rigid), Textiles, Wood, Paper, Crystals and select foam building blocks and craft foams* (Liquid cured Expanded Polystyrene foam blocks like STYROFOAM Brand blocks**) etc. *May bond select STYROFOAM building blocks**. May damage finished surfaces. Test small area prior to bonding. Do not use to attach or to reattach rear-view mirror. Bonded items should not be heated in an oven, microwave or dishwasher. Do not Dry Clean. Not recommended to bond solid or gas cured expanded polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, or thin paper products.