Re:Zero Rem Anime Mouse Pads with Silicone Gel Wrist Rest 3D Gaming Mousepads 2Way Skin (MP1108B-Blue)

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About Re:Zero Rem Anime Mouse Pads With Silicone Gel

1.This Mouse Pad helps to alleviate the aches and pains associated with hours of computing by encouraging a neutral wrist posture.The Ergonomic Design can reduce the risk of wrist's injury. 2.It will add more fun to your work and life, give a huge surprise to you and your friends.It's also good for collection. Use very innovative and stylish, but also can be used as a great gift for your friends or family, absolutely let him surprise,Think about it when the recipient receives this gift surprised Tips:It may have the smell of GEL when break or open a seal,but it will be OK after using a few days.