Round 10 inch Banneton Proofing Basket Baking Set (1000g Dough) for Rising Sourdough Bread with Bowl Scraper & Brotform cloth Liner & Artisan Bread Loaf Bag

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About Round 10 Inch Banneton Proofing Basket Baking Set

QIMOO BANNETON PROOFING BASKET SET: 1 BANNETON PROOFING BASKET QIMOO banneton proofing basket promises Mold-free,Odor-free,Splinter-free. 2 LINEN LINER This linen liner is for a smoother finish on loaf and to reduce sticking. 3 LINEN BREAD BAG This Linen Bread bag is naturally anti-microbial and will keep you bread fresh longer. 4 BOWL SCRAPER This multi purpose tool will help you create the perfect shape for your bread and scrape stiff dough residues from your basket. So,with this QIMOO banneton proofing basket set you'll have everything you need to make your own perfect and healthy bread.It's perfect for both professional and home bakers Don't hesitate Click "Add to Cart" now and enjoy making bread every day.