Schuler Scientific SMA-210.TD Moisture Analyzer

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About Schuler Scientific SMA-210.TD Moisture Analyzer

The SMA-TD moisture balances are designed to precisely verify relative moisture and dry mass content in small samples of various substances, as well as determine the mass of weighed objects. The drying chamber features an IR Emitter which allows for quick, uniform sample drying and measurements; no mathematical calculations are required. The system allows you to select one of four drying profiles: standard, quick, mild, and step. Drying time is set by selecting either automatic, time-defined, manual, or user-defined finish mode. Large 4-1/4” x 2-1/2” color capacitive touch-screen display makes operating the balances easy and can be customized to meet your personal programming needs. Two built-in infrared (IR) proximity sensors located on each side of the menu display can be programmed with different functions for each working mode, enabling touch-free balance control while minimizing cross-contamination and wear and tear on the buttons. The balances feature two working modes: weighing and drying. To achieve the best possible weighing conditions, a filter level setting can be adjusted to fast or slow mode depending on the working environment. Other features include quick-access keys, balance taring, balance zeroing, auto switch-off, and backlight turn-off time. The balance software also offers several databases for recording products, users, packaging, customers, drying modes, drying reports, ambient conditions, and weighing. Up to 200 drying modes can be recorded, configured, and used. Only users with appropriate access can add new records, export data, import data, delete records, and print saved data. A RS-232, two USB interfaces, Ethernet port, and Wi-Fi offer external connection to a computer or printer for GLP/GMP-compliant output. The autotest GLP function provides an enhanced balance summary to aid in assessing operation and diagnosing reasons for occurrence of errors in weighing.