Shea Terra Camel’s Milk Collection – Brightening Facial Wash | Natural Face Wash with Moroccan Saffron & Argan to Wash away Debris, Clean Out Pores and Break Down Skin Discoloration – 4 oz

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About Shea Terra Camel’s Milk Collection

Argan, Zafran & Camel's Milk Brightening Facial Wash is made from 100% natural and precious ingredients. It begins with the best organic oils of virgin argan, virgin sunflower, and virgin coconut in a base of spring water and salt. This combination gently cleanses and effectively supports the skin without the use of synthetic chemicals found in other washes. Several strands of Genuine Moroccan saffron are added for its revered ability to make the skin glow. Pure Camel's milk is mixed in providing a powerful boost of lactic acid that helps brighten skin and break down skin discoloration. This elegant, one-of-a-kind face wash brightens and evens skin tone, cleans out pores, and washes away debris. When Argan, Zafran & Camel's Milk Brightening Facial Wash is used regularly, the result is brilliantly fresh and glowing skin. Camel's milk and Moroccan saffron are rare therefore they command high price points even in their local markets. Unlike cows, which produce up to eight gallons of milk a day, a nursing camel only produces 1.5 gallons, making the milk more costly and potent of essential nutrients. Genuine Moroccan Saffron, which is different from the usual Spanish safflower, is harvested only once a year from crocuses that produce only two saffron strands each. These two precious ingredients in our Argan, Zafran & Camel's Milk Brightening Facial Wash offer the ultimate in elegance and luxuriousness for your skin.