SolisTek Matrix LCD DE (Double-Ended) 1000W Dimmable Digital Ballast - Does Not work with Single Ended Bulbs, Must Use a Double-Ended Bulb

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About SolisTek Matrix LCD DE (Double-Ended) 1000W

Timer Programming, Syncing, and More. Integrated Digital Timer: "In-Ballast" timer for custom grow-cycle programming Grow-Sync technology synchronizes all Solis Tek Ballasts Dimming and Boosting 1000w (all wattages can be boosted). Use 1000w bulb at desired strength or use 600w bulbs in same ballast Smart-Ignition Power Cycling Ballast Ignition Programmed with microsecond delay sequence to avoid power surges Safe-Start Technology Pre-Ignition system check ensures secure connections before power up Green LCD Screen Easy to read green digital display is dark-cycle friendly.