Studio Microphone Foam Shield Soundproofing Acoustic Panel Soundproof Filter | Sound Diffusion Mic Booth Shield | Insulation Diffuser Noise Deadening Absorbing for Audio Music Recording By Pyle (PSMRS11)

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About Studio Microphone Foam Shield Soundproofing

PylePro Model : PSMRS11 Microphone Isolation Dampening Shield Microphone Isolation Shield with Sound Dampening Foam Features: Sound Isolation for Microphone Recording Enhance Vocals & Singing for Studio Quality Ready to Record: Quick & Easy Setup Multiple Acoustic Panels with Folding Design Convenient Countertop Soundproofing Style *Also Compatible for Mounting with Microphone Stands Integrated Tripod Feet Stand Mounts for Stability Adjustable Microphone Depth with Removable Shock Mount Universal Standard 5/8'' Microphone Threading Protects from Unwanted Outside Audio Interference High Density Deflection, Noise-Absorbing Foam Universal Standard 5/8'' Microphone Threading Perfect for Studio Vocal Booths or Home Podcast Recordings Used for Professional & Amateur Applications Technical Specs: Folded Dimensions (W x H x D): 17.3'' x 15.4'' x15.4'' -inches Open Dimensions (W x H x D): 22.4’’ x 15.4’’ 15.7’’ -inches Acoustic Foam Thickness: 2.0’’ Adjustable Microphone Depth Distance: 1’’ to 5’’ Microphone Connector Type: Standard, 5/8’’ Adapter The Pyle PSMRS11 high-performance isolation shield features sound dampening foam that assists unwanted sounds from contaminating your recordings. The shield creates an acoustic boundary around the microphone that improves vocal audio flow -- directing your voice to the microphone, and at the same time, preventing room reflections from directly entering the recording zone. The isolation shield will help you achieve a more crisp and clean sound, preferred by most music professionals. Unwanted outside audio waves and vibrations, also known as interference, are shielded while your voice makes its way to your microphone. Use the shield in a fixed location, like a countertop/tabletop, or mount it to a compatible microphone stand. It's hassle-free once mounted, installs easy and will help you deliver that studio-quality performance. Your sound is shielded by high-density 2'' inch thick acoustic foam liner, tested for quality vocal performance. It effectively absorbs wide vocal ranges, while keeping room audio ambiance out. Get that studio-quality recording sound you've been looking for with the Pyle PSMRS11 Sound Dampening Isolation Shield.