The Adventure of the Innsmouth Whaler: From The Supernatural Case Files of Sherlock Holmes (Volume 2)

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About The Adventure Of The Innsmouth Whaler: From The

From the Supernatural Case Files of Sherlock Holmes: Many of Holmes’ more fantastic cases have yet to see publication, since their grotesque and outré nature would have stretched the reader’s sensibilities beyond any normal boundaries. They are, in a word, unbelievable, and I have held these cases in abeyance at Holmes’ request to protect both his reputation and my own small credibility as narrator. But the time has come to reveal them, per Holmes’ instructions. I follow these instructions faithfully and humbly, and let my readers judge if we have done wrong to withhold them for as long as we did. - John H. Watson, M.D. Holmes and Watson encounter sinister dealings with an American ship from the town of Innsmouth comes to England in pursuit of an implacable revenge. Some Reviews for 'The Adventure of the Innsmouth Whaler': "Combines Holmes with another great mythos: H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu, and proves once again how well Klaver can weave disparate universes into a single, and unique blend. This isn’t light and fluffy Cthulu, it’s got some gore and some darkness, but again, I really fell into the universe and could completely see Holmes and Watson in the unhappy seaside village of Innsmouth dealing with Deep Ones" - from Steamed! at ageofsteam.wordpress.com "Although nominally Holmes stories, Klaver's "Supernatural Casefiles" really stand out with how they enrich traditional *horror* sub genres. His first, Sherlock Holmes and Count Dracula: The Adventure of the Solitary Grave (The Supernatural Casefiles of Sherlock Holmes), is a sturdy mystery, but really most enjoyable for how it enriches our understanding of Dracula (I know that sounds sorta crazy; just go read the "Solitary Grave"; it'll make sense). Likewise, the "Innsmouth Whaler" adds a wonderful new juke to the Cthulhu Mythos. I came for the Holmes, but now I'd really like to see a whole separate ebook dedicated to that ill-fated vessel and its damned crew." - Dave Nelson "Again, as with "The Adventure of the