Thundercats: Season 1 Book 1

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About Thundercats: Season 1 Book 1

Produced by Rankin-Bass, the original ThunderCats (1985) was one of the toy-based sword-and-sorcery programs created for syndication in the mid to late '80s: the era of He-Man and She-Ra. For the new version, the characters have been redesigned--to match a new line of toys. Once again, the story takes place on the "Third Earth," a planet inhabited by creatures who resemble human-animal chimeras. The feline ThunderCats rule the Kingdom of Thunderra at the expense of other species until their old enemy, the living mummy Mumm-Ra, attacks with an army of lizard-men and a lot of high-tech weaponry. King Claudus is killed, leaving Prince Lion-O the enchanted Sword of Omens. Lion-O must find the Book of Omens and reclaim his kingdom, with the help of his brother Tygra, loyal general Panthro, the obnoxious kids Wilykit and Wilykat, and Cheetara (whose eye-spots make her look something like Annie Lennox). Despite the addition of the poorly integrated CG effects and mecha, ThunderCats feels hopelessly dated. The character development is minimal, and the voice actors deliver all the dialogue in hammy tones. When Lion-O draws his sword and intones, "ThunderCats, Ho!" the impression is more camp than heroic. Despite the many battle scenes and duels, there's not much sense of a narrative thrust. Lion-O and company wander around Third Earth, learning occasional Life Lessons, but there's no sense of much being at stake, let alone a kingdom. The tanks, robots, and arms Mumm-Ra's minions deploy are too obviously available at local toy stores. At a time when Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Bleach, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Gurren Lagann have offered new visions of what a fantasy-adventure can be, ThunderCats feels as passé as an Archies 45. (Not rated; suitable for ages 8 and older: minor violence) --Charles Solomon (1. Omens Part One, 2. Omens Part Two, 3. Ramlak Rising, 4. Song of the Pet