Waterspecialist UKF8001 Water Filter, Replacement for EveryDrop Filter 4, Whirlpool EDR4RXD1, 4396395, Wrx735sdbm00, Mfi2570fez Msd2651heb, Krfc300ess01, 469006, Pack of 2

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About Waterspecialist UKF8001 Water Filter, Replacement

Waterspecialist WS607B Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter We are committed to water treatment research and we try our best to provide the best products in the water filter market. Filtered Substances: 97% of chlorine, taste and odor Compatible Refrigerator Models: AFD2535FES, AFI2538AES, GI0FSAXVY, GI6FARXXB, GI6FARXXY, GI6FDRXXY, GX5FHTXVQ, GX5FHTXVY, GZ25FSRXYY, JCD2292HTB, JCD2295KES, JFC2089HES, JFC2089WEM, JFC2089WEP, JFC2290VEM, JFC2290VEP, JFI2089AEP, JFI2089AES, JFI2089WES, JFX2597AEM, JSD2690HES, JSD2695KES, JFC2290RTB, JFC2290REM, JFC2089BEM, JFC2089BEP, JFC2089BEP00, JFC2089BEP01, JFC2290REP, JFC2290REP00, JFC2290REM, JFC2290REM00, JFC2089BEM, JFC2089BEM00, JFC2089BEM01, JFC2290RTB, KBFS20EVMS, KBFS20EVWH, KBFS22EWMS, KBFS25EWMS, KFCO22EVBL, KFCP22EXMP, KFCS22EVMS, KFIS20XVMS, KFIS25XVMS, KFXS25RYMS, LSD2615HEW, LSD2615HEZ, MFC2061KES, MFD2560HES, MFD2561HEB, MFD2561HES, MFI2266AEU, MFI2266AEW, MFI2269VEB, MFI2269VEM, MFI2269VEW, MFI2568AEB, MFI2568AES, MFI2568AEW, MFI2569VEM, MFI2569YEM0, MFI2665XEM, MFI2670XEM, MFX2570AEM, MFX2571XEM, MSD2641KEB, MSD2650KEU, MSD2651HEW, MSD2651KES, MSD2651KEU, MSD2651KGB, MSD2655HEQ, MSD2657HEW, MZD2665HES, MZD2665HEW, WRX735SDBM, JBL2088HES, JCB2058GEW, JCD2290HES, JCD2389GES, JFC2070KRS, JFC2087HRP, JFC2087HRS, JFC2089HEP, JFC2089HPY, JFC2290VEP4, JFD2589KES, JSD2695KGB, JSD2697KEY, MCD2257HES, MCD2257KES, MFD2560HEB, MFD2560HEW, MFI2067AES, MFI2067AEW, MFI2266AEB, MFI2568AEQ, MFI2569VEB, MSD2352KEB, MSD2355HEW, MSD2573VES03, MSD2652KEB, MSD2652KGW, MSD2656KES, MSD265MHES, MSD265OHEW, MZD2665HEB, MZD2665HEQ, MZD2666KEW, PSD262LHEB, PSD262LHEZ, PSD264LGRW, PSD265LGES.