What Your Doctor Won't Tell You: The Real Reasons You Don't Feel Good and What YOU Can Do About It

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About What Your Doctor Won't Tell You: The Real Reasons

Product Description "THIS BOOK WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!" — NEWSMAX In WHAT YOUR DOCTOR WON'T TELL YOU: The Real Reasons You Don't Feel Good and What YOU Can Do About It, Dr. Sherer provides readers with verifiable information about current medicine, healthcare and relevant public policy so they can make their own best judgments as to whether a change in their behavior will, if they are inclined, effect a positive change in your life. He strips away the veneer of political correctness when it comes to health and provides the basic truths behind the implications of the daily decisions we make that affect out health. These decisions, mostly based in how we approach food, physical activity, our mental and emotional states, our interactions with others and our approach to accessing healthcare, have profound effects on our physical, mental and emotional states. Rather than being a book on how to eat, how to exercise, how to shop for a health plan and so on, this work strives only to inform. Because with information comes power. And with power, there is the potential for positive change. Bold enough to tell you what many medical professionals haven’t the courage to say, Dr. David Sherer’s book is chock-full of inside information on health, healthcare, related public policy, as well as the latest in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases from depression, diabetes, and heart disease to autoimmune disorders, neurological diseases, and asthma. WHAT YOUR DOCTOR WON'T TELL YOU delivers straight, unfiltered, and evidence-based answers on topics such as: The real causes of the obesity epidemic and how it can be tamed Your best options for anesthesia for different surgeries and procedures The difference between an MD and a DO and why it matters Why colon cancer is skyrocketing in young people The best ways to buy and use medical cannabis 7 ways to make outpatient surgery safer and much, much, more! WHAT YOUR DOCTOR WON'T TELL YOU: The Real Reasons You Don't Feel Good and What YOU Can Do About It will become your primary source for all those questions your doctor doesn’t have time to answer — answers that can save your life! Review Praise for WHAT YOUR DOCTOR WON'T TELL YOU: The Real Reasons You Don't Feel Good and What YOU Can Do About It by Doctor David Sherer "THIS BOOK WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!" — NEWSMAX   Review Praise for Hospital Survival Guide by Doctor David Sherer: "This book offers practical advice about how to keep yourself free from harm and error in hospitals, and how to assert yourself in cases such as getting stuck with a bad roommate or a rude doctor. Includes chapters on taking children to the hospital and how to be prepared before an emergency." — The Wall Street Journal "Dr. Sherer...addresses what to expect and ask for..." — The New York Times "In his "Survival Guide," (Dr Sherer) maintains that it's patients, not doctors, who are in the best position to make many decisions affecting their health care." — The Washington Post "Offers Practical Tips for Making Hospital Stays Less Traumatic for Patients." — P&T® Journal "Dr. David Sherer’s Hospital Survival Guide is an insightful and easy-to-read book on making a hospital stay as safe and relaxed as possible... describe(s) steps patients can take to minimize the risk of medical errors during their hospital stay. The author include(s) more than 100 tips for maximizing the hospital experience; Contains short chapters that focus on key questions that all readers would want answered, such as how to select the appropriate hospital when surgery must be performed, how to go about choosing the surgeon, which documents are needed, and how to get the most benefit from the hospital stay." — P&T® Journal "I recommend this book for everyone, especially people who are undergoing their first operation in a hospital. Being aware of the services offered or not offered in the hospital and learning ways to reduce anxiety can be invaluable throughout one’s hospital stay. For he