XL-Pro Studio Monitor Isolation Pads for 3" - 4.5" Inch Speakers, Pair of Two | Audiophile High Density Acoustic Dampening Stands for Most Small Speakers

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About XL-Pro Studio Monitor Isolation Pads For

The audiophiles at RightChoice headquarters designed the XL-Pro pads specifically for desktop audio setups!! Ever sat down at your desk and realized your speakers were facing your chest and not your ears as they were intended? These pads are the perfect solution to angle up your speakers to get a more immersive listening experience. The RightChoice XL-Pro Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads are a sleek, stylish way to present your Desktop Studio Monitors. It allows for multiple configurations, allowing flat, tilt up, and tilt down positions. These positions allow for the speakers to pointed directly at the listener, resulting in a better acoustic environment. The High Quality Premium acoustic foam reduces unwanted vibrations, resulting in a cleaner sound. Don't leave your speakers on your desk and facing your chest - the RightChoice XL-Pro Studio Monitor Acoustic Isolation Pads angle your speakers at your ears, the way it's supposed to be! We have designed these to be clean, modern, and sleek. There is no branding anywhere on the pads, so it blends in with your speakers. These are the best value Studio Monitor pads available on Amazon! Comes with TWO Isolation Pads for use with a pair of Studio Monitors. NO NEED TO PURCHASE TWICE - Your $11.95 purchase includes TWO pads, for use with two studio speakers. Universal dimensions fit most 3" and 4" Studio Monitors: 6" (width) x 9" (length) x 1" (height) per pad. Perfect for: M-Audio AV30, AV32, AV40, AV42 KRK Rokit 5 Mackie CR4, CR5, CR4BT, CR5BT And most other 3" and 4" Studio Monitors