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Myler 04 HBT Shank
Myler 04 HBT Shank

Myler 04 HBT Shank (5-Inch)

Product ID : 42761093
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Galleon Product ID 42761093
UPC / ISBN 635901271794
Shipping Weight 0.55 lbs
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Model 89-20045
Manufacturer Myler
Shipping Dimension 5.98 x 5.98 x 0.98 inches
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Myler 04 HBT Shank Features

  • Level 2

  • Independent Side Movement

  • Patented swivel purchase moves independently of both the mouthpiece and shank so that it doesn't dig into the horse's cheek when neck reining

  • Degree of leverage is mild

About Myler 04 HBT Shank

Stainless Steel 5" HBT Shank with Sweet Iron Comfort Snaffle (MB 04) Copper Inlay Mouth. This mouthpiece is made of polished Sweet Iron which naturally oxidizes. About the mouthpiece: the 04 mouthpiece is similar to the 02 in that it will rotate on the tongue and apply tongue pressure; however, it has a slight (¼") port that allows the horse to swallow when he is moving forward, relaxed. This port introduces some tongue relief to the horse. The bars of the bit are curved so the bit wraps the bars and lips of the horse’s mouth instead of pinching them when it rotates on to the tongue it. The curve makes more room for the horse’s tongue under the bit. The barrel in the center is the same width as the center piece on a traditional three-piece mouthpiece so applies approximately the same pressure on the tongue. However, the barrel distributes the pressure more kindly than the traditional centerpiece and creates the Independent Side Movement . The 04 provides an excellent transition from Level One to Level Two. It’s similar to the 02, but with a ¼" port that introduces tongue relief. Suitable for a wide range of horses: green horses, experienced horses entering the Myler System, horses that have been ridden exclusively in a single-jointed mouthpiece, or re-schooling horses that have not been ridden for a while. Also an excellent schooling bit for horses competing in dressage. From The Level Best for Your Horse by Dale, Ron and Bob Myler. ©Toklat Originals, Inc.