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Beth Shaw's Yogafit Workout NTSC Video
Beth Shaw's Yogafit Workout NTSC Video

Beth Shaw's Yogafit Workout NTSC Video [VHS]

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Galleon Product ID 26285943
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About Beth Shaw's Yogafit Workout NTSC Video

Beth Shaw's YogaFit® Workout takes you step by step through the popular YogaFit® Classic routine, from breathing and warm-up to heat-building exercises, deep stretches, cool-down, and relaxation. YogaFit® students demonstrate how poses can be modified to meet the needs of beginning and advanced students and how props such as blocks can be used to strengthen and relax tight muscle groups.During the challenging 43-minute video, you'll have the opportunity to try a yoga/fitness routine like you've never experienced before—a routine of three sections or mountains for you to climb. This will be followed by the "essentials" of the YogaFit® program. In other words, you'll learn the right way to perform the six basic yoga poses required. The "essentials" have been placed at the end of the video so you don't always have to fast forward to get to the routine. You can watch the "essentials" section once, and then go back to it only when needed for a refresher. For your convenience, a handy timecard is included with the video so you know exactly where to find what you're looking for!"I encourage anyone striving to reach a higher level of fitness to give YogaFit® a try," says Shaw. "Before beginning the program, however, it should be understood that the word workout is used in its literal sense. YogaFit makes you sweat—profusely at times. But when you're finished, you'll know you've done something good for your body...and you'll always want to come back for more."


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