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ABC See, Hear, Do Level 5: Learn to Read Long Vowels
ABC See, Hear, Do Level 5: Learn to Read Long Vowels
ABC See, Hear, Do Level 5: Learn to Read Long Vowels

ABC See, Hear, Do Level 5: Learn to Read Long Vowels

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Galleon Product ID 40446029
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About ABC See, Hear, Do Level 5: Learn To Read Long Vowels

Product Description Learning to read has never been this easy—and FUN! ABC See, Hear, Do Level 5: Learn to Read Long Vowels is the fifth book in the award-winning ABC See, Hear, Do Learn-to-Read series. Once children learn individual letter sounds and multiple blended beginning and ending sounds, it's time to learn letter combinations that create long vowel sounds. In this book, fun animal illustrations are paired with dynamic hand motions to help young children easily remember the long vowel sounds created by each letter combination. Designed with beginning readers in mind, this multisensory method of learning long vowels is simple, entertaining, and effective. Used in tandem with the sounds/motions of the previous books in the ABC See, Hear, Do Learn-to-Read series, this book will help children continue to build confidence reading. Best for ages 4-7. The ABC See, Hear, Do Learn-to-Read method combines visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles to: Increase phonemic awareness & promote deeper learning. Educational research consistently promotes teaching methods which integrate multiple learning modalities, thereby resulting in increased understanding and retention. Incorporate movement into learning. Learning through movement encourages brain development and increased cognition, leading to life-long physical and cognitive benefits. Make learning to read FUN! The multisensory ABC See, Hear, Do Learn-to-Read method links engaging illustrations with simple text and dynamic hand motions for long-lasting comprehension and simple fun while learning. Great for homeschoolers, teachers, speech language pathologists, and parents, ABC See, Hear, Do offers a multitude of simple and effective learn-to-read resources that introduce children to the joy of reading. Review "ABC See, Hear, Do is a great introductory tool in teaching children to read, because it's FUN and SIMPLE. I've taught preschool for eight years and can honestly say that this method WORKS."- Dana V. Middlemiss, Preschool Teacher "ABC See, Hear, Do teaches letter sounds and early reading skills in the most amazing way! My inner-city students absolutely love this program and have all learned to read with it! I think this book is absolutely perfect for educating and engaging any young child."- Jennifer Quattrucci, Kindergarten Teacher "ABC See, Hear, Do helped my daughter tremendously! It allowed me to introduce reading in a fun, engaging way and eliminated the frustration and tears we experienced in the past."- Kaitlyn Bolen, Owner of simplylearningkids.com "As a pediatric occupational therapist, play-based learning is my jam. Following my 3-year-old's emerging interest in the secret code of letters, I got him the first ABC See, Hear, Do book and was floored that in two weeks, he was proudly sounding out words in his environment. He's a busy, sensory-seeking mover, so the kinesthetic approach to acting out letter sounds was a perfect fit for him."- Rachel Coley, MS, OT/L, Occupational Therapist From the Author As a mother, storytime leader, and educator, I've taught children to read for years. But it wasn't until working with my fifth child that I realized I needed Learn to Read books that approached phonics in a different way. This particular child became bored and frustrated with typical learning to read books--he needed something more. Using my Masters in Education and Curriculum Development degree, I researched and experimented, finally creating a Learn to Read program that utilized multiple learning modalities. This system worked for my son! He LOVED it, and with that seal of approval, I knew I was on to something exciting. A short time later, ABC See, Hear, Do was born! From the Inside Flap The ABC See, Hear, Do method helps children learn to read in exciting new ways. These learning to read books invite children to move, speak, and interact with letters in ways that are both effective and FUN! In no time at all, your child will be abl