Matroid Theory
Matroid Theory
Matroid Theory
Matroid Theory

Matroid Theory (Oxford Graduate Texts in Mathematics)

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Author James Oxley
Edition 2
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Publication Date 2011-04-22
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About Matroid Theory

* What is the essence of the similarity between linearly independent sets of columns of a matrix and forests in a graph? * Why does the greedy algorithm produce a spanning tree of minimum weight in a connected graph? * Can we test in polynomial time whether a matrix is totally unimodular?Matroid theory examines and answers questions like these. Seventy-five years of study of matroids has seen the development of a rich theory with links to graphs, lattices, codes, transversals, and projective geometries. Matroids are of fundamental importance in combinatorial optimization and their applications extend into electrical and structural engineering.This book falls into two parts: the first provides a comprehensive introduction to the basics of matroid theory, while the second treats more advanced topics. The book contains over seven hundred exercises and includes, for the first time in one place, proofs of all of the major theorems in the subject. The last two chapters review current research and list more than eighty unsolved problems along with a description of the progress towards their solutions.Reviews from previous edition:"It includes more background, such as finite fields and finite projective and affine geometries, and the level of the exercises is well suited to graduate students. The book is well written and includes a couple of nice touches ... this is a very useful book. I recommend it highly both as an introduction to matroid theory and as a reference work for those already seriously interested in the subject, whether for its own sake or for its applications to other fields." -- AMS Bulletin "Whoever wants to know what is happening in one of the most exciting chapters of combinatorics has no choice but to buy and peruse Oxley's treatise." -- The Bulletin of Mathematics"This book is an excellent graduate textbook and reference book on matroid theory. The care that went into the writing of this book is evident by the quality of the exposition." -- Mathematical Reviews