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The Self-Healer's Journal: A 90 Day Guided Journal
The Self-Healer's Journal: A 90 Day Guided Journal
The Self-Healer's Journal: A 90 Day Guided Journal

The Self-Healer's Journal: A 90 Day Guided Journal for a Self-Loving, Soulfully Manifested, Grateful-As-Hell Life

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About The Self-Healer's Journal: A 90 Day Guided Journal

Product Description The Self-Healer's Journal is a 90-day guided journal that will take you from feeling lost, disconnected, and stressed to deeply grounded, blissfully engaged, and fully aligned with life! IMAGINE... Waking up each day with courage, curiosity, and confidence. The Self-Healer's Journal provides daily prompts that are scientifically researched to reduce depression, raise your vibrations, and promote total bliss for life. WHAT IT IS: The Self-Healer's Journal is your guided path to an aligned, grounded, and blissful life. In this easy-to-follow guided journal, you will dive deep into old stories, reframe unhelpful thinking, find your inner worth, care for your inner child, instill hope and courage in your psyche, and heal worthiness wounds from within. This journal blends research, psychology-backed tools, and holistic healing to bring you a spiritually scientific self-discovery experience! HOW IT WORKS: Intended to be part of your morning routine, every guided entry is different and contains thought-provoking prompts on topics like: mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations, power mantras, and letters to self. All you need to get started is a cozy nook, your favorite pen, and a commitment to showering yourself with grace, love, and compassion. WHAT'S INSIDE: 90 pages of journaling with specific prompts or categories Mood check-ins and guided feelings wheel Mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations, power mantras and manifestation statements Daily entries with specific prompts and instructions to help you dive deep 9 Categories of prompts Over 50 unique questions that are recycled daily, so no two days are the same Instructions and descriptions so you can really understand how to get started with the journaling Example of a daily journal for comprehension Intention-setting and frequent reflections so you can chart your growth Tips and tricks for if you get stuck Quotes and daily encouragement to keep you motivated This journal is infused with love and the hopes that when you open its pages you feel held, supported, and guided through the entire journey. All you have to do is begin. Review "The best part of my morning ritual. The Self-Healer's Journal gives me a clear purpose in understanding my daily why." - Design With Hannah From the Author Beautiful souls, it is such an honor to bring you this 90 day guided journal. I am no stranger to the struggles I imagine you are facing: low self-worth, anxiety, self-sabatoge, depression, lack of routine, trouble setting boundaries, negative body image... the list goes on. I want you to know that you are not alone. However you are feeling, someone out there is feeling it too. We are deeply connected, and our shared pain and suffering is what allows us to also experience something beautiful: Shared healing. This journal is designed to take you on a healing journey that I myself have been on: I created this journal using tools and exercises I learned over the course of 10 years in therapy, graduate school for counseling, and years of research. I have walked this path before, and I want to invite you to walk it to. It is my belief that the tools in this journal will enrich your life just like they have mine. The Self-Healer's Journal is rooted in evidence-based counseling exercises, spiritual healing approaches, and zen mindfulness practices. It is a reflection of my love for healing out loud and sharing the journey with others. About the Author Rachel is a truth-telling psychology addict with a passion for connecting souls through shared experiences. Our suffering, triumphs, and stories are never felt in solidarity--and telling our stories is the first step to true, heart-soul connection. Rachel invites people out of their loneliness through storytelling, encourages them to dive deep into their own stories through journaling, and offers tangible systems and skills for self-healing. Rachel is an NYU trained actress, former primary school educator,