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The Word Search Oracle: Yoga for the Brain
The Word Search Oracle: Yoga for the Brain
The Word Search Oracle: Yoga for the Brain

The Word Search Oracle: Yoga for the Brain

Product ID : 19927265

Galleon Product ID 19927265
UPC / ISBN 1544211554
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Binding: Paperback
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Manufacturer Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Shipping Dimension 7.95 x 5 x 0.43 inches
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Edition 1
Number Of Pages 200
Publication Date 2017-05-07

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About The Word Search Oracle: Yoga For The Brain

Product Description A great gift idea filled with goodies galore for the reader to enjoy! Excellent puzzles. Secret messages. Brain boosting fun. Interesting information. Meaningful mindfulness mini meditations. The award-winning Word Search Oracle invites you to play! Both a profound philosophy and fun puzzle book, The Word Search Oracle is yoga for the brain™ that stretches your mind, nourishes your soul and touches your heart. Featuring Darity Wesley’s inspirational Oracle messages, these 60 easy to advanced puzzles make every page both a challenge to be solved and a meditation for self-realization. It gets even better. Once all words are found, a hidden message is revealed; a powerful mantra to affirm the Oracle reading. Plus, find fascinating facts and enlightening insights inside, providing tasty food for thought. Who would have thought that practicing mental yoga, boosting creativity and empowering personal mastery could be so much fun? This book can help you: Stay sharp with a more flexible brain Make your life better now through the power of positive affirmation Reduce the risk of early onset dementia and Alzheimer's disease Have fun with a purpose! Complete the 60 puzzles inside. In the process, discover that you have also solved more of the puzzle that is YOU! Review Never before have I seen such a book, with word search puzzles, secret messages, and even more for the reader to enjoy! What I enjoyed most was that it was not just a word search puzzle book, but also packed with facts and information. Sitting down with the book is a great way to relax and stretch those brain muscles. I can see why the puzzles are considered "yoga for the brain!" This book is highly recommended for those looking for puzzles, relaxation, inspiration, and enjoyment! -Carla Trueheart for Readers' Favorite Mixed in throughout the puzzles are pages that present interesting facts about our eyes, the brain, the practice of mental yoga and the benefits to our general well-being. There are also some great tips for solving the puzzles, using some techniques I had not considered before. Gratefully, this book teaches there is no wrong way to solve the puzzle, and I learned a lot about myself during the process. I highly recommend this book for puzzle gurus and those who want to develop or enhance their spiritual practice. -Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views Like the authors Cristina and Darity, The Word Search Oracle- Yoga for the Brain™ is inspirational, relevant, and fun! The puzzles are challenging in a good way, and the messages are insightful and meaningful. It's well worth your time. I highly recommend it to everyone looking for something uniquely uplifting. It provides an all-around positive experience anyone can benefit from in their life from expanding your mind's keenness to elevating your soul's intuitiveness. The book encompasses food for thought and food for the soul! -Brenda Krueger Huffman, Publisher, Women's Voices Magazine I love Yoga for the Brain! The Word Search Oracle is a great way to relax, unwind and play. Even better, research shows that games like these can have a mind-body benefit no matter how old you are. Sign me up for more!  - Camille Leon, Founder, Holistic Chamber of Commerce Best Book Winner, 2017 Pinnacle Achievement Award- Games and Puzzles 2017 Readers' Favorite Book Awards- Honorable Mention From the Author Ever meet someone for the first time and feel like you have known them forever? That profound heart connection that transcends time and space? Darity and I had that extraordinary experience when we met 20 some years ago. We have been friends and collaborators ever since. Darity's long standing Oracle guidance readings have been treasured by her global community for more than a decade. We decided to play together in this book, making her readings into puzzles with hidden, secret messages to decode. My brother Rick created these fabulously fun puzzles. My longtime friend Melissa ser