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Daily STEM: How to Create a STEM Culture in Your
Daily STEM: How to Create a STEM Culture in Your
Daily STEM: How to Create a STEM Culture in Your

Daily STEM: How to Create a STEM Culture in Your Classrooms & Communities

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About Daily STEM: How To Create A STEM Culture In Your

From The Author: Has your school added a STEM class, or are you hoping to build more STEM into your school community? Buying a bunch of 3D printers and robot kits is a good start, but what does a sustainable STEM learning culture look like? This book will challenge you to think past the Daily STEM acronym and think about what it means to build a culture of STEM thinking in your school. You’ll find plenty of practical tips and examples to make STEM relevant for every kid and infuse it into every classroom and every home in your community. Editorial Reviews: “STEM can seem like such a big challenge for teachers and school leaders alike. We all want students engaged in meaningful, hands-on learning. But where do we begin? Start with Daily STEM. This awesome gift to educators by author Chris Woods is packed full of practical, logical, and easy steps teachers can and should take to bring STEM to life. It's like having Chris right there coaching you, helping you find STEM in everyday life. Daily STEM will have you building a "culture of STEM" in your school or classroom and bringing relevant learning to life.” Darrin M Peppard, Ed.D. | Superintendent | Author of Road To Awesome | Renaissance Hall of Fame "Chris’ book Daily STEM is exactly what every teacher needs to promote curiosity and hands-on learning in the classroom. He prompts critical thinking and offers experiences that are fun and engaging for students. It is packed full of cool ideas and STEM inspiration—a must read!!!" Jacie Maslyk | Educator | Author | STEM Enthusiast "I absolutely love Daily STEM!! You will never be able to look at the world the same way after you read this gem! Hundreds of ideas will swirl through your head after each page. If you are searching for your teaching style, here it is: curiosity and connections. This is a book you will read more than once. Chris’s personal stories will put a smile on your face as you reflect on your own stories. WOW Factor!! Epic!" Dr. Frank Rudnesky | Educator | Author | Speaker | Consultant "Daily STEM is a book I would normally have an aversion to! Teachers either love the idea of STEM, or they run as fast as they can when they hear the term. I used to run! Daily Stem offered me significant insight into so many ways educators can continue to provide STEM instruction/ideas and exploration across content areas and beyond the classroom walls. The Q and A style made Daily Stem an easy read. It also provided opportunity to revisit a question -and the answer- quite readily. “A noisy classroom is a collaborative classroom. A messy classroom is an inventing classroom,” sums up best practice and is a powerful reminder as we plan for the new school year!" Dr. Lori Koerner | K-12 Administrator for Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Personnel