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Mindset Switch: Identify Your Triggers, Transform
Mindset Switch: Identify Your Triggers, Transform

Mindset Switch: Identify Your Triggers, Transform Your Limiting Beliefs, and Take Charge of What You Want

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Galleon Product ID 31230496
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About Mindset Switch: Identify Your Triggers, Transform

Mindset Switch is the solution for anyone who wants more than average success, yet finds themselves stuck in a loop of negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt. This book does what no other book on mindset does. It highlights the holistic interplay between how thoughts and feelings become ingrained in us as disempowering beliefs, and how that cycle repeats itself, sabotaging us over and over again. Citing existing mindset research, along with the Laws of Attraction and Vibration and introducing her own tried and true system for identifying triggers, Tonya’s book is for those who are new to mindset and personal development work as well as those who are already familiar with the basic concepts and are looking to advance their practice. This book will help you ditch your limiting beliefs so you can, take control of what you want and create a life that, before now, you could barely imagine was possible. Key takeaways for the reader: The what and the why about how mindset works, and instructions on how to make the changes necessary to flip the switch on your own mindset. The tools to identify when and why you get stuck in a negative feedback loop and how to reroute yourself. Practical tools and exercises to help you SHIFT your thinking from “I can’t. . .” to “I can. . .” Permission to believe in what could be possible, and an action plan to make the changes in your mindset that will allow those possibilities to become reality. Who is the Mindset Switch for? Someone just learning about mindset and the concept of how our minds create our reality. Anyone who is looking to deepen their existing mindset practice. Someone feeling stuck, frustrated, impatient, lost, unclear, or doubtful in their life and who is looking for an easy-to-follow guide to feel better and create change. What are y