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Circle Perfect Tools CPDS-104LF Large Degree
Circle Perfect Tools CPDS-104LF Large Degree

Circle Perfect Tools CPDS-104LF Large Degree Scale-Compass, Ruler, Protractor, Goniometer (Fractions)

Product ID : 14326667
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Galleon Product ID 14326667
UPC / ISBN 602003684104
Shipping Weight 0.45 lbs
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Model CPDS-104LF
Manufacturer Circle Perfect Tools
Shipping Dimension 19.02 x 19.02 x 0.98 inches
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Product is Out of Stock as of Nov, 05 2020
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Circle Perfect Tools CPDS-104LF Large Degree Features

  • All-in-one compass, ruler, protractor

  • Pre-drilled holes for easy drawing of circles and marking of angles/measurements

  • Diameter: 18"/45cm

  • Ruler increments: Every 1/8" (4mm)

  • Angles: 36 degrees with marks every 1 degree

About Circle Perfect Tools CPDS-104LF Large Degree

Product Description Check out this all-in-one Compass, Circle Ruler, and Protractor from Circle Perfect Tools. Use as a compass for drawing perfect circles/arcs, or a ruler for measuring existing circles, as well as a protractor/goniometer for visualizing and measuring angles. From the Manufacturer All-in-one Tool Replace those circle templates and protractors with this single tool! Combining multiple tools into one unique tool helps alleviate the need for handling a protractor, ruler, and compass separately. Our unique design allows for easy storing and is offered in multiple sizes and units (i.e. fractions, decimals, millimeters) for your specialized needs. You can draw circles from 1/2" diameter (1/4" radius) to 16 1/2" diameter (8 1/4" radius) in 1/8" radial increments. Use with other Circle Perfect Tool products Want to enhance its capability? Use in combination with the specially designed Ruler from Circle Perfect Tools or in combination with other Degree Scales to make a Compound-Degree Scale! Is there more? Yes! The Degree Scale also works in conjunction with the Drill Press and Router Table Circle Guides from Circle Perfect Tools and helps visual angles of rotation when drilling or cutting. Protractor Measure the degrees of an angle and/or mark the angle on material by using the pre-drilled holes and a pencil. Compass By incorporating drilled holes into the ruler increments, this allows you to quickly draw a circle at a specified radius or simply mark a measurement. This is what gives our product a unique advantage over a traditional compass tool. Simply use the center hole to anchor the Degree Scale with a pin and quickly draw circles and arcs. Circle Ruler What’s a Circle Ruler? Have you ever wanted to determine the radius/diameter of an existing circle? Or simply draw a circle or arc based on a specific length. Now you can with ease! Circles Made Easy Design and manufacture creative tools to help hobbyists, woodworkers, machinists, teachers, and other professionals with drawing, cutting, drilling, and measuring circles/angles. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Tools for Circles How did you come up with the idea for this product? Our family created these tools based on the need for more refined tools that are specially designed to help with drawing and cutting circular patterns with more precision and ease. The design of our tools comes from Dennis, who wanted to turn his 2-D artwork into 3-D artwork, but the existing tools on the market did not fit his needs. Therefor he created his own tools and as a family we decided to bring them to market. What makes your product special? The tools created by us mainly revolve around the concept of a center point. This is what provides the precision when cutting or drawing circles/arcs. This unique design has opened the doors for new ways of thinking, especially with how woodworkers cut circles with our Circle Guides, allowing for operators to cut very small circular parts with precision and ease. Our specialized Rulers also have center points, allowing them to rotate as well. Our tools also integrate with each other, allowing users to enhance their capabilities. What has been the best part of your startup experience? As a family we really had no idea what people would think of our tools, but after selling them and receiving positive feedback, we knew our tools had a place in the market. We’ve sold our products all over the world and this has been very rewarding and gives us the confidence to move forward with new designs and products.