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One Size Fits Utility Apron | Adjustable Cross-Back
One Size Fits Utility Apron | Adjustable Cross-Back
One Size Fits Utility Apron | Adjustable Cross-Back
One Size Fits Utility Apron | Adjustable Cross-Back
One Size Fits Utility Apron | Adjustable Cross-Back
One Size Fits Utility Apron | Adjustable Cross-Back

One Size Fits Utility Apron | Adjustable Cross-Back Straps | Multi-Use Shop Apron With Tool Pockets By Aaron Leather Goods (Cotton Black - Pack of 2)

Product ID : 46211956

Galleon Product ID 46211956
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Shipping Dimension 13.74 x 12.24 x 1.18 inches
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One Size Fits Utility Apron | Adjustable Cross-Back Features

  • **PROTECT YOUR CLOTHES & SKIN - Designed For The Toughest Of Jobs, This Apron Is The Ultimate In Protection That Will Keep You And Your Clothes Protected From Chest To Knees | Protects You Against Scratches And Spills, Giving You Peace Of Mind During The Messiest Of Jobs.

  • **PREMIUM QUALITY - Made From The Top-Quality Leather Material | Fabric Is Soft, Durable And Lightweight. | Reinforced Stitching On Pockets To Allow Easy Access To Your Tools When You Are Working.

  • **VERSATILE - Designed With Two Handy And Easy-To-Reach Pockets (Wide And Narrow) That Are Big Enough For Tools, Notebooks, Cellphones And More. Perfect As A Workshop Apron, Woodworking Shop Apron, Utility Apron, Tool Apron, Machinist Apron, Blacksmith Apron, Or For Baristas, Artists, Technicians, DIY, Hobbyists ,Gardeners And More.

  • **THE PERFECT FIT - Measuring 26" Wide And 35" Tall | A One Size Fits All Apron. | Designed To Be Worn By Men And Women Of All Shapes And Sizes. | Adjustable Cross-Back Straps - Provides Less Stress And Pull On Your Shoulders, Prevents Neck Pain To Enjoy Your Work. | Easy To Reach Waist Straps.

  • **RUGGED AND FASHIONABLE - Built With Convenient Cross-Back Straps That Doesn't Put A Burden On Your Neck When Carrying Heavy Tools As It Crosses Over The Back.The Perfect Design Makes Our Multi-Use Shop Apron More Comfortable, Stylish And Will Keep You Looking Fresh And Clean While Working.

About One Size Fits Utility Apron | Adjustable Cross-Back

Whether you are a working on a home project or professional at work, our Apron is all you need for protection and comfort against liquids, dirt, oil, dust, and stains. Measuring 26 in. wide and 35 in. tall, this apron will keep you and your clothes protected from chest to knees. The long straps enable it to fit anyone and sizing is adjustable by tightening or loosening the cross-back straps. The ends of the straps are tailored to keep them from sliding through the grommets.The Multi-Use Shop Apron is made from top-quality material, its fabric is soft, durable and lightweight. The comfortable but durable feel of our apron makes it easy to move around while protecting you from scratches giving you peace of mind and solid protection during the messiest of jobs. Designed with 2 handy and easy-to-reach pockets(wide and narrow) that are big enough for tools, notebooks or cell phones, our apron is ideal for painters, blacksmiths, carpenters, gardening, barber shops, pet groomers, grilling, cooking, bartenders, servers, waiters, and more. Aaron Leather with a Tagline "Vendimia Estilo" which means, Vendimia-Vintage and Estilo means design, reflects our Vintage Leather product lines. Our manufacturing setup in Kanpur, India provides job and offer a living to people working there. We enforce strict quality standards for our handcrafted products as they go through our bare hands before stitching and finishing.