NPC Portraits Deck Fantasy
NPC Portraits Deck Fantasy
NPC Portraits Deck Fantasy
NPC Portraits Deck Fantasy

NPC Portraits Deck Fantasy

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NPC Portraits Deck Fantasy Features

  • A broad spectrum of over 50 fantasy characters!

  • Good for any table-top RPG--each card does have a few basic D&D stats (ability scores, class, level) but these are easily translatable to over fantasy RPGs.

  • Each character card has a portrait of an NPC on one side, the other side has the character's background and personality, with many story hooks.

  • 55 cards in the deck: 54 character cards & one cover/checklist card.

  • Printed in the USA.

About NPC Portraits Deck Fantasy

Need a quick NPC? Flip through a few of these NPC cards and you're sure to find an NPC that fits the situation. All the common races are represented (humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, half-elves and half-orcs). Many of the NPCs are low level, but they range from level 1 to 17. Of course you're also free to change a character's background to fit the adventure. Or use them as "face" cards and develop with your own background, personality and other details from scratch. Generic/simple game stats the cards focus on each character's background and personality. The few stats used (class, race, level, alignment, ability scores, armor class and hit points) are familiar to most game masters. The stats are easy to convert to another system in just a few minutes or even as a game is played. Adventure hooks abound! each character has interesting details that can lead to adventures or side-quests: why did Quinn's love leave him? What plot did his brother alvariaus nearly uncover? What trouble is the widow fanny stirring? When will styxie reveal her true mission? Is the mission chono vurrbilt assigns a death trap? Who can replace sir Rafael as protector of his estate? Are the rumors of sin tram's deal with a fiend true? When will li's plans to bring back her god occur.