GTR Simulator GS Model Steering Wheel Stand - Racing Simulator Cockpit Gaming Stand with Steering Wheel, Pedal, and Shifter Holder

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About GTR Simulator GS Model Steering Wheel Stand

The New GS Steering Wheel Stand. Spirit, declared. The GS Steering Wheel Stand. Future Perfect. Steering Wheel Stand Reborn. We have redefined the new GS steering wheel stand in terms of its performance, portability and defined how the steering wheel stand of the future should look. In doing so, we have once again succeeded in creating an icon of independence in that inimitable GTR Simulator way. Just like its legendary predecessors, including the GTS model, it is a GTR Simulator that continues to epitomize the feeling of genuine freedom and advancement. An Expression of Creativity The geometric form of the cockpit follows a clear direction: forwards. The elevated steering wheel stand integrates the driver optimally into the stand by positioning the gear lever extremely close to the steering wheel to enable fast and sporty gear changes. Invincible. Irresistible. A little bit of both. Performance art takes on a whole new meaning. GS Steering Wheel Stand. A true interpretation of a sports car cockpit. The minute you sit in the driver's seat you feel the thrilling contrast between a GS Steering Wheel Stand and other brands. Everything is exactly where the driver needs it. The GS Steering Wheel Stand offers the driver quick adjustment when needed. Steering Height, Steering Angel, Shifter height...etc. Build with the aim of exceeding high demand. Perfection and beauty belong together. Aesthetics isn't just a matter of surface, color, or material - it is also expressed through aerodynamic design and other technical details. The designers and engineers at GTR Simulator know that form and function go hand in hand, and they work to combine them into a single, spectacular work of art. The GS Steering Wheel Stand, portable yet stable. The GS Steering Wheel Stand. Perfection.